Unable to save file

Just got Mp3tag (2.83) and it works great for what I'm using it for. I am setting up a Plex server and putting all DVDs and Blu-rays on it. I have high quality rips and everything is working well. I have some files that are unable to be tagged. The save button is greyed out so I can't tag or add a cover. Trying to click on the "Add Cover" button doesn't work (also greyed out). Windows 7 64 bit, 8GB memory. File size is 6.8 GB.

I've restarted multiple times to no avail. It will still work on smaller files. Does anyone know what the limit is?

And what kind of files are these?
What about the access rights (being admin is not enough)?
What size do the files have?

The "save button" in the toolbar is available as soon as you have selected a file in the files list.

I don't know but maybe the file is not compatible.

I don't mean to crap on MP3tag but this Sw isn't the best for movies.

So. If its movie rips you're renaming use filebot. https://www.filebot.net
Then plex AFAIK will create metadata based on that. And give you pretty coverarts based on the correct filename info.

Filebot mainly uses tvdb and tmdb websites for there website scraping. And I'm sure plex is similar to kodi.