Unable to save my tagged album - Posted 11.11.21

Message is:- 'Cannot be Created'

1st occasion I've seen this - running Mp3Tag V 3.11

Maybe a few more details here would be helpful…
What tags were changed, was this through an action you have used successfully before, what kind of file, what was the source?

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Thanks for replying
Album being tagged - Black Rose Maze had been extracted from a Flac File - 11 Tracks each track tagged , with album title etc, I've done this numerous times without this occuring. I also re-converted all tracks to the same 320 Bit rate & tried saving the file again with the same result.
Just checked on a different file (Album) which worked OK. - Looks as though there is an issue with this particular file.
I'll probably remove all tags (from each track) & rebuild the file to see if the problem is resolved.

update, thanks for interest, solved this issue by sourcing the same file from a different location & reconverting to Mp3 - file with the problem has been shelved - new file tagged & saved as normal.


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