Unable to scroll history in input boxes in 3.12

I'm unable to scroll history in input boxes after upgrading to 3.12.

Do you mean the history for filters, actions and the convert menue?
No problem here.
Are you sure that you have a history at all? Maybe you have changed the install method from Standard to Portable or vice versa?

I would like to add: there is no history for other real tag fields. You only see the data for the currently selected files plus the entries for <keep> and <delete>.

Could you please show as a screenshot for your input boxes (where you are unable to scroll)?

This is an example of a box that won't scroll:

There most certainly is a history:

This was a simple upgrade.

Yes. But as

is rather unspecific (there are many), @poster asked

Now we see, it's a converter.
Coming to the original problem: TBH I cannot reproduce it.
The dropdown menu opens as soon as I click on the arrow button or press F4 - and then I see the former input just like your second picture shows.
So, could another attempt to install MP3tag do something to heal this case?

Which OS are you using?

I'm not talking about the dropdown, I'm talking about using my scroll-wheel in the input-box.

Yes, now you are.
Still, the only time the scroll wheel did nothing in the input box was, when I had not yet clicked into the field and the (mouse) focus seemed to be somewhere else.
As soon as I clicked into the input field, the scroll wheel scrolled.

Maybe this is related to the changed behavior in v3.12:

It's definitely related to that, I had to rewrite most of the code of the combo boxes as well.

Still curious and waiting for an answer.

I've tried hard to reproduce this, even under Ubuntu via Wine but it's working fine everywhere I've tried.

There have also been no other reports regarding this since the release of v3.12 so I'm moving this to #bug-reports:no-bugs

Downgrading to 3.11 "fixes" it. Upgrading to 3.12 makes it return.

Does it also happen, e.g., for the "Field" drop-down list at Converter → Tag - Tag?

Edit: I've just tried again under Windows 7, also at Converter → Filename - Tag and the history scrolls without problem.

Edit 2: Could it be related to the theme you're using or something special about your mouse/touchpad and how you scroll the list?

On previous versions of MP3Tag my usual process was to hit the hotkey for one of the converters and start scrolling as soon as the dialog pops up.

My mouse is a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum.

My "theme" is the bbZero replacement shell. It's unlikely to be interfering with any mouse-events.

Does the scrolling work if you move the mouse cursor over the list?
AFAI understand it,

the mouse cursor could be anywhere in the dialogue or even the desktop.
But does the mouse wheel scroll if you click with the mouse cursor into the input box?

Okay — I think I understand you better now. You're not referring to scroll the dropped-down list of the history boxes, but the content of the history boxes in closed state when the dialog appears.

Yes, clicking the input-box restores scrolling.

If you are someone who knows how to handle a keyboard - I think that you do not really have to rely on the scrollwheel.
The keyboard focus is on the input box / dropdown bowx right from the start and accepts all the common keystroaks like cursor up/down to access the next/previous entry in the list. Also, the incremental search is active for quick access, possibly quicker than the mouse wheel and also the F4 key is ready to open the list for a better overview.
With these functions you might not need the immediate mouse wheel scrolling any more.
But if you do, then it is mandatory to move the mouse focus to the dropdown list fist - with a click

PS: The answer was supposed to go to @tordenflesk

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