Unable to see Artist name on SanDisk

Hello all, hope you can help

With latest version of mp3 tag 2.77

For some reason when I use my Sandisk in my car a 2012 Kia Forte via USb, When I click the info tab, song, album, all come up...but not artist name

Is there a field I need to add?

For example, I have Prince, Little Red Corvette. In the metatag I see Prince & the Revolution as Artist and Album Artist, when in the car...nope, states none found

This is no biggie, a minor irritant, but if someone knows how to have it show up...I'd love to learn something new


What kind of files are these? MP3s?
Perhaps the car player only reads V1 tags - these do not have a field for ALBUMARTIST.
The field is called ALBUMARTIST - so if you have a field "ALBUM ARTIST" (with a blank) or "BAND" it may lead to this error.
Which tag versions do you read, write and delete? Perhaps you still have APE tags in the files that have not been updated as you do not treat them at all.

Otherwise it looks like a problem of the implementation on the car stereo.

Yes these are mp3s, and the older songs I tagged show the Artist, just the newer ones show blank

I think it may be APEv2 giving me the issues. the ID3v1 and 2 seem to be ok I try to write them as ID3v2.3 UTF16

what options should I use in the write, uncheck APE?

Thank you

you should get rid of the APE tags.

So set all tag types to read and delete
but just the ID3 ones to write

It may shorten the procedure if you only treat the files that actually have APE tags.
Set a filter:
%_tag% HAS APE
This should show only the files with APE tags.