Unable to split multiline comment field

I'm sure I'm just missing it, but I have not figured out how to split the Comment field into two separate fields. The comments contain regular comments until "Lyrics:" and then "Lyrics:" is followed by the lyrics. I am trying to copy the lyrics to the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag and remove them from the COMMENT field, while leaving the COMMENT content preceding the word "Lyrics:" intact.

I have tried Split Tag Field like so:

Separator: %comment% Lyrics: %unsyncedlyrics%

I tried replacing "Lyrics:" in the comment field with ";;;;" and then tried Split Tag field again...

Separator: %comment% ;;;; %unsyncedlyrics%

I've tried removing spaces in the separator as well. What am I missing?

I think you are using the wrong action.
Split tag field splits existing data in 1 field into several fields of the same type.

I think the correct action would be
Import tag fields

Thanks for the suggestion. I should have mentioned I also tried Import Tag Fields. I suspect maybe I'm using it incorrectly. I did read the guide with Florian's example for Mac and the Windows version (same example), but I must be missing something. I have tried this:

Source format: %comment% Lyrics: %dummy%
Formatstring: %comment% Lyrics: %unsyncedlyrics%

I have also tried:

Source format: %comment%
Formatstring: %comment% Lyrics: %unsyncedlyrics%

Neither one produces any changes. Any insights to the correct syntax?

Looks a lot more plausible.
The basic idea is that the action "Import Tag fields" works almost like the Converter Filename-Tag - only that you can set which string should be the source. The converter assumes the filename as source.
So, without an accurate representation of the contents of COMMENT, I can hardly say anything about the correct pattern for the target.
At the moment it looks like you have some text in COMMENT which features the word "Lyrics:" and that this word should serve as indicator where to divide the data.
That separator has to be painstakingly correct: spelling, case, leading and trailing spaces, punctuation.
So if you do no succeed now, a screendump of the field comment in edit mode, taken from the extended tags view would be nice.

I guess that would have helped to add an example comment, so here it is:

Chronopolis: Music Inspired by Chrono Cross


I'm drifting so far away
I really think I'm astray
All so foreign, yet familiar to me
Where did I go? Where could you be?

In this world, I am alone
And I miss you, now that you are gone
But if fate could be rearranged
You'd be here, my world forever changed

If I could...

I'm wandering
So aimlessly
I'm wishing for another world

You found me, and I found you
Together, we will pull through
Though I wonder, if you never found me
Where would you go? And where would I be?

Lost in time and lost in space
Someone else then stole what was your place
But I think, if my fate could change
You would be forever here with me

If I could...

I'd like to keep everything before Lyrics: in the comment field and put everything after Lyrics: in the unsyncedlyrics tag.

I just tried:

Source: %comment%
Format string:%comment%Lyrics:%unsyncedlyrics%
and that worked for your example.

Thanks for testing. I tried it again. Nothing changed. I copied the formatting text directly from your comment and tried again. Nothing changed. I restarted MP3Tag and tried again. Nothing changed.

I'm at a loss why this isn't working. I'm not sure if I feel better or worse knowing that I was entering the correct formatting.

From now on I cannot help you any more -
This is the result I got with the above example text in COMMENT:

So the only explanation would be that the separator still does not match or that the way that you enter the fields on a Mac is different from the way it is done in the Windows version (e.g. from a field list and no % around the names).

I appreciate your help either way. I just finished testing in the Windows version through a VM and it is working perfectly. I'm wondering if there is an issue with Windows versus Unix line endings or something. I've been trying to avoid using the Windows version, but apparently that is necessary in this instance for some reason.

The %tag% formatting has been the same on the Mac version in all of the other placeholder fields, so I don't believe that is the issue. Maybe when Florian's back on the clock he'll have some insight, but thanks again either way!

It seems to be an issue with the newline characters that are handled differently on Mac and I'll have to adjust the parser to also match those.

Thanks for pointing and I'll keep you posted!

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I've fixed the issue and added support for matching multiline input with Mp3tag for Mac v1.7.3.

Thanks again for taking the time to report this issue!

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Thanks for fixing it so quickly and confirming I'm not looney. :wink:

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