Unattended Tagging

Is there a way to tell MP3Tag to go ahead and keep tagging, even though one file failed? In other words, don't stop to ask if its "ok" to continue - just continue?

Thank God, there isn't.

(I do not want to have my library be destroyed simply because I issued a command that leads to mistakes. I would be glad that the execution then stops)

This isn't a situation where you have issued a command that causes mistakes. Out of tens of thousands of songs, perhaps ten cannot be opened for who knows what reason. The process takes hours, so you don't just sit there watching the screen. You go away, then come back thinking the process would be done - but no. It stopped only several hundred songs into the process. Shouldn't there be a way to stop that? Note I'm not suggesting taking away the behavior, just having a choice.

Yes, the way is called "Define a command that fits the selection and allows processing without error".
MP3tag has such a sophisticated scripting language and such powerful filters that you should be able to get a selection of files that can be handled by you process without error.
AFAIK the Windows Explorer also aborts any (deleting) action if a (single) file in a selection cannot be processed.

Thank you. Next time I'll see about that.... Looks a bit complicated, however. And with scripting, I would definitely be afraid that if I did something wrong I could screw up everything.