Understanding TAGS Problems

I have many thousand of MP3 files, I set all AlbumArtist to Various, which shows ok in explorer and mp3 tag, but on my media player they all show as Unknown ????

Ive now deleted the ID3 V3.1 Tags, but have TWO ID3 V3.2 tags, should i need to remove one of these ? or does it matter


Do you really mean

tags or ID3V1 tags?
ID3V1 tags do not have a place to store ALBUMARTIST.
What do you mean by

Could you supply a screenshot of the extended tags dialogue Alt-T of a single file?

Most media players show the %artist% tag by default. The %albumartist% tag is more likely to be used when browsing the library though.
What player are you using, and what screen are you seeing the “Unknown” label?

The innioasus G1 player, the track properties shows all albumartist shows unknown

According to the user manual, this device only offers
"...several song categories, such as Title, Folder, Artist, Album, and Genre"