Undo (CTRL+Z) reverses multiple steps rather than just one

I have been noticing that when I undo in MP3Tag, it does not just undo the last thing I did, but multiple steps. I was copying and pasting tags from one file set to another. I pasted 10 different sets, each with a separate copy and paste. On the last one I made an error and wanted to just undo that last step, but if I hit CTRL+Z all ten copy and pastes are reversed.

I have noticed this several times. I am not sure if it only happens when I cut and paste, but that seems to be when I notice this problem.

I don't know if this is a bug, but if it is, maybe this should be moved to bug reports.

I did some searching and I did find this from 11 years ago, that stated that if the files were saved, then the undo would only go back to the last saving action, but I don't know if it pertains to my problem: undo undoes everything in the session

I did a test and if I highlight the files I have just changed and hit save, the undo will not affect the files that have been saved, just like as described in the thread above. But, I thought that everything you did was automatically saved, as was explained to me just last month, so I do not know why I would have re-save the changes just so they would not be subject to the undo command. Perhaps, it is because the saving action is seen as another step to undo.

The toolbar features an "undo" button which also has a dropdown menu.
There you can select the steps that are available to be undone.

Perhaps it is safer to use that dropdown list.
I know that if i want to undo an action group, then all the actions, regardless how many manipulations happened during the execution, of that action group are rolled back.

Thanks. Yes, I noticed that, but it seems the drop down only contains the last set of items changed. For example if I copy and paste 10 different albums, each set as its own step, only the files changed in the last set shows up in the undo drop down. So, if I copied Disc A last, then only the tracks of Disc A are shown in the drop down, I guess so I can decide which of those changes I would like to revert, piecemeal. But the copy from Disc b, C, D and so on do not show up in the drop down.

Yes, this would be as described in the Docs:

This is not intended behavior and I'll change this with the next release to proper group the different operations, so that only the last copy and paste operation is undone in the described case.

Thanks for pointing!


Undo should now behave as expected with Mp3tag v3.14b.

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Woohoo! I will test it out and report back if there are any issues. Man you are on fire with the improvements recently...or maybe I am now just taking notice. Thanks!

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