Undo Move for quick reversal of changes

Under the

Menu > Edit > Undo Rename

the user have a convenient way of reverting FILENAMEs to the previous state, when for example the user made some stupid error coming out from a hastily executed action

How about a similar option for moved files? Yes I know that Mp3tag is not a file manager- but nevertheless it does handles file movement, when the options Move or Copy are executed. And so if Mp3tag can move files from location A to B, then there should not be a problem with moving them back from B to A with just two clicks; i.e. by going to Menu > Edit > Undo Move File(s). Because now in order to reverse such faulty movement the user has to navigate to folder B, select one way or the other such unnecessary moved files and somehow place them back in the previous location AKA folder A

A moved file is a renamed file.

Is this just me, or is this is just a ridiculous approach?

A] The menu entry Undo Rename changes itself to Undo Format and Undo Save tag, depending on the actions of the user

B] The menu entry Undo Rename stands in for Undo Move i.e. reverting movement of file[s]

C] The menu entry Undo Rename works also as name reverting tool i.e. does what the English verb "to rename" means

How is the user suppose to know that? Am I that stupid that I have never noticed this and figured it out on my own - our did I simply assumed that it would be an unthinkable to implement such user unfriendly behavior?

I do not recall a single other piece of software I had used throughout decades, that would have menu entries morphing into other. Instead they were grayed out in situations when it was impossible to use / apply them. Even Mp3tag itself uses this unable-to-use-at-the-moment approach for

Menu > Edit > Paste

which is merely 3 positions below

Menu > Edit > Undo [...]

In my opinion this name shifting menu entry should be changed permanently to just Undo. If it had been named that way from the get go, I would not have created this topic, because I would assume that Undo undoes anything that was done

Alternatively there should be separate entries for every single possible undoing, which would become grayed out when not applicable

You do realize that there is an undo button in the toolbar in which you can select, how many steps you want to undo?
It is very helpful to see which steps have been registered and not just a

So please become acquainted with the MP3tag functions - you have been an MP3tag user long enough.