"Undo" undos the last (unsaved) action and the (saved) action before

I try to describe what I mean / do:

  • I have 2 tracks opened in mp3tag.
  • I edit the 1st track (no matter what) and save => works
  • No I mark the 2nd track and do "remove cover"
  • When I know undo it, mp3tag not only "undoes" the removing of cover art of 2nd track- but also undos the last action I did to the 1st track...

The fatal thing is:
You are not aware of any undos done to 1st track (for You press the undo after the remove cover of 2nd track) and You have to remember THAT it happens and WHAT You have changed to re-do it...

Tested with the last versions including v3.16

You've probably not saved the changes after removing the cover, thus, having only the first save on the undo stack — which then gets undone.

If you save the change after removing the cover it should behave as expected.

Ah... thanks!
Of course You are right. To be honest, I didn't ge the idea to SAVE something (first) that I wanna have UNDONE (it's like we say in German "Bitte vor dem Vernichten Kopieren" :)))
But from a program's logic it's clear! Thanks!

(The simplier solution really is to leave the 2nd track without saving - the it is automatically undone. But for me it was intuitive to "undo" it with the "undo" function :wink:

It's quite tricky to make it behave intuitively in all cases. From your perspective, I absolutely understand that undoing remove cover should bring back the cover. This would be one action on the undo stack. Then, upon saving the change to the file, another action is put on the undo stack which now has two actions.

But undoing the last action should then not revert back to the state where the file is unsaved but the cover is already removed. Instead, it would be expected to revert back to the state where the cover wasn't removed yet.

Of course, this is only a simple example. Other actions with similar semantics would be adding covers, setting cover properties, and such which can be arbitrarily combined. For now, I'm using the simplistic approach of allowing undo for saved changes (and for text input).

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In fact I agree . so You opened my mind and I guess I will quickly get used to NOT use the "undo" fuction after removing covers but leaving the file unsaved and start anew...

(To explain, it happens quite often when downloads (eg from Apple) have too big cover art (2MB) or named "Folder.jpg"/"Folder.jpeg") or something like that. So I extract the cover with a right click, remove it and add it again - and often I remove it before having saved :wink: - So the problem sits IN FRONT of the pc and not IN it... :wink:

Just to be sure:
There is also an "Adjust cover" function (right click on the cover) where you can adjust the size, the format and quality directly inside Mp3tag for your cover.

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