Undoing delete/remove from browser/file view?

Sorry, unsure of correct terminology.

Sometimes finger becomes 'trigger happy' and accidentally removes track from view. Under (CMD + Z) doesn't seem to make a difference.

Currently need to reimport entire list from Music/ITunes.

Is this even possible?

It's currently not possible to re-add a removed file to the list via Undo ⌘ Z — however, you could add it via drag&drop from Finder by holding the ⌥ key down.

Interesting idea, I'm adding this to my internal list!

Would this apply to both files removed from the list, as well as deleted? Undoing a remove would have to retrieve it from the current directory, Undoing a delete would pull it back from the recycle bin.

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Brilliant, that works for now!

I second MotleyG re implementing such a feature.

I just realised that mp3tag leaves the directory tree behind. Is there a way to remove that?

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