Undoing unicode tags?


I'm a huge fan of mp3tag and recently upgraded. I've been tagging huge amounts of music lately and had no idea about the new unicode feature. This would be a very cool thing if my mp3 player supported unicode. Unfortunately, all of the new music that I've tagged (several 1000 tracks) now have unicode tags and my player cannot use them. Even worse, the proprietary software that I have to use to transfer the tracks to the player (Rio Music Manager) does not detect the tracks at all or displays the tags with funny characters like 'y' with an umlaut.

My question is: Is there a simple way that I can open all of my music files in mp3tag and rewrite the tags NOT in unicode format? I have about 60GB of mp3s, so I know this will take a long time, but I really don't like the idea of having to do this manually. I've checked out the Convert Codepage action, but it looks like that is only a one-way converter.

Ideas? I'd appreciate any suggestions very much.



Hello alva!

Just enable Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16 at :mt_options: Options > Tags > Mpeg and re-save the tags by pressing [Ctrl+S] or :mt_save:.

Best regards,
~ Florian