Unexpected jumps in long vertical Tag Panel

If I remember right, it started sometime with 2.88x (Win7x64hun.).

I have a long, about 2 (earlier 3) times as app's window, vertical Tags Panel configuration(s) on the left side. I want to change something in down, for example the cover. Click in its field -- and the panel pops to the most up. And vica versa, too. Not all time, but frequently -- may be, ~50%.

Just now I could evoke the behavior some times. 1 file in the list. Click on it to select. Bring the Tag Panel's scrollbar with the mouse down, to cover's field. Right click in it. The Panel jumps up, to the first field (album artist, in this case). But I remember, it happened with clicking in other fields, too; it happened with left click, too (not sure!); it happened in reverse order, too: clicked near the up side of the Panel, and the Panel jumps down.

...Just now: as above, but no jump -- good. Added a cover. After clicking on desired cover image, the file selector closed -- and the Panel jumps again up. Cover added, it is OK.

Oops! I noticed: after jumps, all time (I think) the very upper field (album artist) of the Tag Panel became selected. "Selected" totally -- the text in it was selected (with blue). So I tried first (before adding a cover) cick in a field near to the end (publisher, in this case), and then right click in the cover field. No jump! BUT: the publisher field is selected totally, as was earlier the album artist.

Yes. This one situation, with italic letters, is provokable every time. If first selected an upper, non visible field: after right clicking in cover field, the jump happens. If first was selected an other field, in down: no jump.

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I've forgot to add this to the changelog, but this issue is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.91.

Thanks for reporting!

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