Unicode Characters Displayed Boxes

Version 2.46a

Does anyone know how to fix this Mp3Tag display issue?
I am new to Mp3Tag program - so I assume there is some setting/option...

After using the Convert/"Text file - tag" method for UNICODE Mandarin tags, the (new) tags were displayed as "small boxes" in the Mp3Tag program.

HOWEVER, the UNICODE, Mandarin tags were converted correctly by the Mp3Tag program.
I know this because I used another MP3 tag editor to view the (new) tags.

Some More Information
I did some more testing...

  1. Only the ID3v2 tags are being converted/updated correctly to the UNICODE Mandarin characters.

  2. The ID3v1 tags were converted to "?..." marks. This was confirmed when I viewed the tags in my other MP3 tag editor.

This is because Mp3tag supports ISO-8859-1 for ID3v1 only.