unicode issue in Mp3tag and ID3v2.3 issue in Itunes

...Er... After years of refusing to accept things like tags, it is not until one month ago that I finally started to use mp3tag to create tags and itunes to manage my music collection...

However, strange things happened...

  1. Some of my tags are in chinese and thus I faced the unicode issue.

    It seems that when I created both ID3 v1 and ID3 v2.3 tags for one mp3 file, the ID3 v1 is fine in other tools like winamp or mp3 Tag Tools, but the ID3 v2.3 is totally corrupted and can not be read correctly in these tools.

    Does anyone have ideas of what happens? Is it some kind of compatibility issues between UTF-8 and UTF-16?

  2. If I import mp3 files into Itunes (latest version), The "comment " areas are always blank (seems Itunes will not read it) if the files have ID3 v2.3 tags. BTW, I noticed that if the file only has ID3 v1 tag, the 'comment' area can be read correctly.

    Does anyone have the same problems? any suggestions?

    Thank you very much for helping!