Unicode title and such displayed garbled

I have a mp3 file whose tags I exported to the attached file. WHen viewing this file in MP3TAG I see garbled characters for Title and Album. However, when I play this file in Winamp, the title and album are displayed correctly (cyrillic characters). When I ask Winamp for File Info, it shows readable words under Basic Info tab but garbled text under ID3v1 and ID3v2 tabs.

Is there a way to direct MP3TAG to use this "basic info" and display readable chars?


mp3tag.html (1.7 KB)

I can see the unicode characters fine here :unsure:

You do not see them as garbled? You see Cyrillic characters?

Mp3tag only supports ISO-8859-1 for ID3v1. Please stick to ID3v2 if you need different character sets.

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