Unicode to ASCII Conversion

We run some ancient music player software on our Windows machines that do not support filenames with Unicode characters outside of the original ASCII range. Does Mp3tag have an inherent facility for converting values containing Unicode characters to their ASCII equivalents?

I've created an action to construct a filename from the track's title. When a track's title contains a Unicode character, I have to manually change the filename after the fact using a script that runs the Unix command: iconv -c -t ascii. Just looking for a more elegant solution...

You might be interested in the CD-R action that comes in the original download of mp3tag.

Go to actions, Actions (Alt-6), highlight the CD-R item and click the "edit" icon on the right hand side. There is a listing of character replacements that you can add/modify as you need.

Edit: You mentioned Windows, but posted in a Mac forum. Sorry if the equivalent isn't in the Mac version yet.

Sorry for the ambiguity. My question related to the Mac version of Mp3tag and the files I tag with it are used on a Windows PC at our radio station. However, your reply answered my question. While the CD-R action does not show up as such in the Mac version, the "Replace" action is available. I have the capability to build my own action group that does what CD-R does. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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Happy to help. I've learned a bit hanging around here (with lots more to go).