Uniform Album Year For Each Album In A Batch

Alright, I don't know if there is a way to do this, but here it goes. Let's say I have 50,000 tracks highlighted. What I want to do is have the predominent listed year for each album be that album's year for each track without having to go through each album one at a time.
So for instance if I had multiple different years for the album "Blizzard Of Oz" in this batch is there a way to make whatever year is listed the most times the year listed for every track.

MP3tag does not compare tracks, it only sees one track at the time.

BTW: Is it really sensible to flatten different years to just one? Why would the one named most often bei the right one?
E.g. if you have the blue compilation album by the Beatles you might be proud to know that the tracks all come from different years. So why should e.g. 1966 win only because this was the most productive year?