Unknown Album: Completing Meta Data

About 50% of the albums I rip end up being labeled "Unknown". I don't know why that is, since they are mainstream Classical albums, but often they are newer albums and so perhaps they haven't been tagged yet. In any event, I then import them into Mp3Tag to add the meta-data.

How can I import the meta data from Discogs into Mp3Tag so that I don't have to type each and every field? If I access Discogs from within Mp3Tag it rarely, if ever, discovers the album. And so I have to log onto Discogs website external to the mp3tag app. How, then, do I get this data into mp3tag?

Which of the many scripts to get data from discogs have you tried?
Search by album? by artist-title? by release-id?

If you have already found the release-id I would recommend the script that uses that id.

Mp3tag uses a search query to get data from Discogs. So you'd at best provide both artist and album which will give you a list of potential results.

As @ohrenkino pointed out, search by Discogs Release ID would definitely give you the correct result. It's the number in the upper right corner on the respective Discogs release page, e.g., 11473597 for Nils Frahm – All Melody (2018, CD) - Discogs .

And you don't need a Discogs account for the Mac version of Mp3tag.

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