Unknown field "COMMENT NONE"

Hello guys!

I've come up with an mp3 file that has a tag field called "COMMENT NONE", which is different from the field "COMMENT", and which doesn't show up as a normal tag. The only way I'm able to get to it is by going to extended tag properties. But even there, if I want to create that field, the list of available ones only shows "COMMENT", which is different.

I would like to use the values in these fields as I would any other one. Is there something wrong with the tag itself?

Thank you in advance!

Any COMMENT field that has some more name parts following the name COMMENT are treated as COMMENT, e.g. COMMENT ITUNGAP, COMMENT AIRTIME, COMMENT VALIDFORM.

Yes, by default, these fields only appear in the extended tags dialogue. To create one of these non-standard but valid fields, you have to type in the new name.

I understand. However, every music player I have (WMP, AIMP, PlayerPro) shows the default "comment" field as empty. Is there any way to automate a process that involves placing the values in "COMMENT NONE" to the fields "COMMENT" on several files?

Which program creates this strange field COMMENT NONE none at all?
Other fields like COMMENT ITUNGAP have a purpose and should not be renamed or deleted if the data in that field is important.

To the basic technicalities: To copy the contents of one field to another, create an action of the type
"Format value" for the target field, here COMMENT
Format string: %comment none%

MP3tag never does anything automatically but only with an explicit command.

I would also filter for the files which should be treated like that:
%comment none% PRESENT AND %comment% MISSING