Unlock write protection for a column


I.m reletavely new here ... and I got stuck ..
I want to use my own cover art in MP3tag [2.58], but I can't open the column cover. [!?]
I remember that I had no problems some time ago, but I don't remember / don't know anymore how to "unlock" this column

any suggestions [which probably will make me blush, but ...]


The is no colum that shows the cover art.
To add the same cover to one or more files, select the corresponding files.
Open the extended tags dialogue (press Alt-T) and click on the right-most "New" button. Navigate to the folder that has the cover files and select the file.
Apply the changes with OK until the extended tags dialogue is closed again.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the image frame in the tag panel to open the context menu.
You have to explicitly save the changes with Ctrl-S to embed the covers.