Unnencessary Scrollbar in Tag Panel

When right-clicking in the Tag Panel to disable and enable fields, a vertical scrollbar keeps appearing when fields are displayed again, even though it's exactly the same fields being shown that were hidden earlier (so there is no change in the size of the overall contents of the tag panel).

To make the scrollbar go away you have to drag the bottom of the window down to much bigger than needed, and then drag it back up again to its original size. However, as soon as you uncheck and re-check another field, the scrollbar comes back again.

A scroll bar would make sense if new additional fields (or larger fields) were being added than were there before. But if its the same fields being shown and hidden (and they already fit the Tag Panel without a scroll bar) then a scrollbar shouldn't keep appearing, especially as there is nothing to scroll to because everything is already fully visible. This needless scrollbar just takes up valuable space.


Thanks for reporting! I'll look into it.

I've fixed the scrolling with Mp3tag v2.90f.

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