Unreadable fields in mp3tag


I'd like to considerably reduce the number of genres in my library. I've made most of the cleanup, but that are still a few files that I don't seem to be able to fix. For those few files, my Sonos will list their genre ("other" or "unknown" or "blues"), but when I run mp3tag on those specific files, no tag show up (field empty). However, if I mouse-over the file in Windows, I do see the same genre as the one listed in my Sonos library (I am not sure if Windows is providing the mouse-over info, or if it is DBPowerAmp.. could be either).

I'm guessing that either the tag is broken for this file, or there is a bug in mp3tag that prevents it from reading this file. I have this issue with about 20 files out of 30k....

What would be the appropriate steps to resolve/investigate this? I can share the problematic file if needed.


What are your settings in
Tools/Options/MPEG/Read ?

Under Tools-->Options-->Tags-->Mpeg, I left them by default, so it is:

Read: ID3v1 and ID3v2 are checked
Write:ID3v1 and ID3v2 are checked and ID3v2.3 is selected
Remove: All checked

Which raises the question, why isn't it writing id3v2.4 by default, instead of 2.3?

Also, if I open the file and make a modification to the genre (I set the empty field to "pop" for exemple), then everything is fine the next time I open the file in mp3tag, I see the "new" tag, but I am concerned that burried in my file, there is still the old/buggy/invisible/problematic genre tag.

I tried to use MP3 Diags on the file, but nothing out of the usual was detected.


Because V2.4 is not such a widely spread standard and e.g. Windows Explorer cannot read V2.4 tags.

If you have checked the files with mp3diags and did not see any old/buggy/invisible/problematic genre tag then it is time to investigate what the program that shows the old/buggy/invisible/problematic genre tag does. Perhaps there is a database in the background that needs updating.
Or you have different tag versions (V1 and V2) that are out of sync.

If you see "other" as genre then most likely you had written a user defined genre once which is only possible for V2 tags (and onwards) but is mapped to "other" for V1 tags ... V1 tags have a pre-defined list of genres that cannot be modified.

Try the following:
Mark all checkboxes in Tools/OptionsTags/Remove.
Select one or more of these problematic files in the list view of MP3Tag.
Read the tags of these files with Ctrl-t.
Remove the tags of these files with Ctrl-r.
Rewrite the tags with Ctrl-v.

The check wether your other environment is still showing the wrong tag.
If so, I bet that tis is not a tag-problem but a database-problem of the software that shows the tag.

You can also cross-check in Windows -Explorer. Make sure that you activated the Genre-Column that makes you see the genre.