Unrequired additional New Line at end of tag if text file import

hello everyone,

Why Mp3tag always add an extra New Line in a tag when I import a text file inside that tag?
For example:

  • I have a FLAC file named "file.flac", and a text file named "file.log"
  • When I import the text file named "file.log" inside a tag named "LOG" inside the FLAC file named "file.flac", then Mp3tag add systematically a New Line at the end of the "LOG" tag!
    How to fix this, because I have hundreds of files to process, so I don't want to remove each New Line manually!!!

Thanks in advance.

I assume you have a blank line at the end of the file?
E.g. (EOF = End of File).
Line 1....
Line 2....
You can try
Line 1....
Line 2....EOF

If that works you can open all text files in notepad++ and remove in batch all trailing blank lines.

Thanks for your reply, but let me explain the problem in a better way:
The content of the text file is:
Line 1...
Line 2 ...
So when I use Mp3tag('Actions' menu) to import this text file inside a tag, Then the content of the tag is:
Line 1...
Line 2...Additional character
NB: Inside Mp3Tag, this additional character is an 'empty square' symbol(character). And if I copy it inside Notepad++, it is a CRLF character.
So my question is: Why Mp3Tag adds that additional character at the end of the tag ? or how to prevent this?
I hope it's clearer this time, Thanks in advance!

That (probably) means your file has an empty trailing line. Can you attach a test file please?

Good point, you're right:
I just did another test, and the text file has an empty trailing line!!!
So it's ok now :slight_smile:
In fact the imported text file was a log file from "Exact Audio Copy", and it was encoded "UTF-16 LE". So when I paste the tag from Mp3Tag to Notepad++, I must put it inside a new "UTF-16 LE" text file. My mistake was because I've put it inside a "UTF-8" new text file.(Then the checksum comparison test was failing between the original log file and the new utf8 new file!!!)

Thanks again for your help!!!
Mp3Tag is the best!!!!!!!