Unresponsive because of not existing network share


my installation seems to have my old (not existing anymore) network share path still saved somehow in its preferences. On each file operation it takes about 30 seconds of beach ball, and then I get a system error about the connection to a server has failed.
Re-Installation of the software did not help, can I manually delete app preferences somewhere?

Can you please try the following:

  1. Close Mp3tag
  2. Open Terminal.app
  3. Enter these four commands:
defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag LastOpenDirectory
defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag LastOpenURLs
defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag NSNavLastRootDirectory
defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag SecurityScopedBookmarks

After that, open one of the folders (not individual files) from your server in Mp3tag. Does this change anything?

That changes everything :grin:
Thank you!

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