Unsaved changes in left pane are discarded on selection?!

I have a hard time understanding how editing and saving is working:
When I load a couple of files, select one and edit a field in the left pane, then the change is lost as soon as I select another file in the table?!
However when I inline edit the same field it seems to be save the instance I press enter?!
Then again if I select "Save" mp3tag still says it saved 1 tag.

What the heck?
Can't I just edit a couple of fields, then select save to have mp3tag save all the changes at once?

That way I could also mass convert filename->tag and re-view the changes before saving.

If this isn't possible: Does anybody know another tag editor that works this way?

To display upcoming single or mass changes as preview in the list view, which have been initiated within the panel view, seems not to be needed and could lead to bad cases of misunderstanding what has been saved already and what would be current preview.

If you use the panel view, then you should make your changes happen by clicking the symbol 'Floppy Disk 3,5"' or choose the file menu option "Save tag" or press shortcut keys [Ctrl]+[S] before leaving the panel view to another task, for example to work in the list view.
When working in the list view, each manually change of data appear instantly in the data cell and is saved to the file.