unsupported tag?

I have a Chinese 2dinn touch screen in my car that has a small window to display the album art work. I have tried all the different tag formats that MP3TAG supports and it will not work. The funny thing is that I have 1 album and 1 single mp3 that do show albun artwork, it's not the same art that shows up in mp3tag but it is there some how. Is there a different tag format that I'm not aware of? Thanks .

I don't know.
You can have multiple cover arts in a file - usually only the first shows. Check this for that file that shows the picture. You can see that in the tag panel if there are little arrows beneath the picture.

Does your player need an external picture file like WMP? Then check if the picture you see is actually a hidden file with a name like folder.jpg.

If I take the file and remove all tag information with mp3tag and put it back in the player the picture still shows??

I have tried a external file (jpg wmp and there was one more i cant remember)

I think there is some one off tag string that this thing reads and i can't.

I doubt that this player can read something that is not there.
Does it have a database for the tracks? Then you would have to update that.

What I tried to express: Windows Media Player (WMP) shows the contents of a file with the name "folder.jpg" if it finds that in the folder of the file.
THis file has the attribute "hidden".
So, if your player has access to such a file, it might show that.

I may have misled you on this one. the player is reading something (album art track name ect) but I cant access it with mp3tag or mediamonky. So I can't tag all the rest of my music for it to show the art.

With a blank flash drive I put the one mp3 file on it with nothing else and the player shows this album art and track name so i was thinking that it is reading a tag, it's just a tag that mp3tag does not support?

Thought this might help me explain better. This screen shot shows the tagged file (note the album art, it is tagged as "front cover" and it is the only one.

This is the same file playing in the player. (note the art is different) If I could figure out how the unit is reading that art work then I should be able to tag the rest of my files to show some art.

Thank you for the screendumps.
If I see your MP3tag settings correctly then you write APE tags.
Just as an experiment: in
Untick "Read" and "Write" for APE
then reread the track. Does the displayed information differ from the expected?
If right now the other fields are empty (because the info is stored in the APE tags) re-enable "Read" for APE.
Then re-read the file, use the context menu of the files list to cut the tags fromt the file and then immediately afterwards paste the tags again.
What does your player say now?

I will try that tonight and report back.
Thanks for your help.

Just as an experiment: in
Untick "Read" and "Write" for APE
then reread the track. Does the displayed information differ from the expected?

No still the same.

That's good. Because that means that you do no loose any information if you do not write the APE tags any more.
MP3tag reads tag versions as follows: APE>V2.3>V1
So the contents of the APE ones overrules all the others.

Well I have tried tagging in APE and all the ID3 s and still no album art. I even tried the first version of ID3 with a "JPEG" and still no album art. I don't know what this player wants to read but it's not ID3 or ape.
When I strated this game 8 mouths ago I tried to contact the manufacturer and they didn't know what tag it needed to show the art work, LOL.

Any ideas?

Are there any programs that you know of that would read any different tags that I'm not aware of?

No I don't know such a program.

What you could check is the size of picture. Perhaps this player can only show up to a certain byte-size.
Also you could check your files if they got little glitches in them.
Try mp3val or mp3diags for that (both freeware, an search machine should find them for you).

BTW: V1 of the mp3 tags does not support any cover art. you would have to use V2.3 for that.