unsynced lyrics not indexed by google desktop plugin

Hi group.

This is a first post. I have a large archive of podcasts (mp3), with program descriptions stored mostly in the unsynced lyrics field. MP3TAG lets me, for the first time, easily browse this field. But what I really need is to be able to search it. I have installed google desktop search, and the Mp3tag Audio Indexer 1.05. A quick test reveals this setup is not working, but I'm unable to trouble shoot further. The index looks to be up to date. Desktop searches are working normally. Is this supposed to work. If so, what should I try to get it working for me ?

Thanks in advance

Simon Boddy

I am not quite shure, how this forum is supposed to help you with a problem that apparently arises from completely other programs.
As far as I see it from your post, MP3tag works fine as you can find the desired information.
have you contacted forums on that indexer program or google to find where the limitations of these programs are in respect to searching mp3s?

He refers to this plugin by Florian:

Yes, unfortunately Lyrics are not indexed by this component.

Edit: Maybe I should a little bit more here. At the moment, this plug-in has a very low priority for me and is very unlikely to be updated in the near future.

Ok well that's a shame. Searchability is pretty much at the forefront of computing problems at the moment, and GDS is a major step forward. But if you have more interesting things to do then I can't argue. Keep up the good work.

Hello Simon,

I've definitely heard your voice and added your suggestion to my internal wish list where I'll find it when I have some free time.

Kind regards,

Hi, I just found Mp3tag Audio Indexer and installed Google Desktop just to use it. I'm quite unfamiliar with Google Desktop at this point, but learning.

I have installed Mp3tag Audio Indexer.

Could you please give a brief explanation of how it works and how you actually use it? Even though it is installed, I cannot "see" it anywhere and don't know how to use it or tell if it is working. I do understand that it may take some time to build an index?


Try the foobar2000 audio player. It's media library searches all tags including unsyncedlyrcis.