UNSYNCEDLYRICS Display with line feed

When I've text in say notepad++ it reads

Release type:		Release
Exclusive to beatport:	No
Eating Hooks [Monkeytown Records] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.
Tagged by:		Mp3Tag w/ beatport.com scripts [v5.0 by stevehero™] (◣_◢) (http://bit.ly/2EmyidV)

But see screenshot of how it's displayed in Mp3tag. It's a FLAC file.

I'm cleaning the field using:

Maybe it should be carriage return used as the replacement. I want to check this before I do anything stupid.

(Man I love this new preview while typing)

Doesn't this field require and to get a proper line break?
So if you remove the it is sort of broken, I suspect.

Not sure if I understand.

But yeah, I think it's broken.

I wrote "carriage return" and "newline" in chevrons and apparently they got eaten by the editor.
So my replay in its full beauty should have been:

Doesn’t this field require "newline" and "carriage return" to get a proper line break?
So if you remove the "newline" it is sort of broken, I suspect.

You mean something like this?

Still doesn't work and displays wrong in the field, but copies over to NP++ just fine as it should be.

What does an unsyncedlyrics field look like in NP++ that you have editted in MP3tag?
It could still be that you have to set something in NP++ so that proper end-of-paragraphs are created.
Or you could check with a filter whether UNSYNCEDLYRICS contains \n and \r or just one of them.

The correct order of those characters is \r\n.

\r translates to carriage return (CR, ASCII code 13) to tell the "typewriter" to push the carriage back to the left so that the cursor is back to the start of the line. \n translates to line feed (LF, ASCII code 10) which moves the cursor down the page one line. It's ancient technology, but \r\n is still what's used on Windows.

To expand on the answer. This is the solution to my problem. Thanks.


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Just like that in the first post. But found the solution via @Florian in above post.