UnsyncedLyrics - Where did that field disappear to?

Anyone know what happened to that "Extended Field" in the latest release .... cuz ... I can't find it. Trying to put lyrics in the songs and earlier releases and info here on the site dictates 'UNSYNCEDLYRICS' as the field in Extended Field ~ but it isn't there that I can find. I will go back and look one more time but I think all that is there is alphabetically listed ... and there is no "U" after the letter "T" in the list



two alternatives:
The arrow menu next to the field input box has the option to reset the list of fields. Sometimes a missing name reappears.
And if that does not work (this is the other alternative): simply type in the name. Next time UNSYNCEDLYRICS should be there again.

The extended view only shows fields that are in the files already.
If there is no UNSYNCEDLYRICS you have to click on the icon with the star (add field) and select UNSYNCEDLYRICS frrom the list or type it.

As alternative you can define the field in the normal tag-panel as a multiline field. Then it is always in the view and you can fill it.

Thank you both for responding. Another alternative? ... reinstall the program :slight_smile: