Unwanted "Case conversion" behavior

If your files have ReplayGain tags, "dB" gets changed to "Db". Maybe Mp3tag could exclude that tag?

Also, can special characters be considered? For example:

"part 1/Part 2" should not become "Part 1/part 2"

"[Vinyl]" should not become "[vinyl]"


If you create an action of the type "Case Conversion" you can specify for which field it should be used and also what kind of characters delimit words. So you simply add the [ and the / for special characters and you are done.

Thanks ohrenkino, I've succeeded in adding the extra delimiters but how can I change the field from "_ALL" to "_ALL except X and Y"?

So it is not really a bug, right?
You would have to create an action group that handles each field separately. It is either all or just one per action.