UPC codes for albums

Hi all,

is it possible to enter UPC (or barcodes) for albums ?
I have UPCs generated by an authorized label, but I'd like to embed them in some files that are missing their UPCs.

thanks !

There is no standard field for UPC.
But if you have already files that feature the UPC data, then you may check the field name with the dialogue "Extended tags" (Atl-T).
Use this name to add that type of data to other files.

If you already have some files with UPC data, use the same field for the tracks without.

Thanks, I'll try that...

Well I have UPCs... in an Excel file....
that's why I'm trying to find a way to implement them in the wavefiles' metadata.

See the function Converter>Text file - Tag

to get data from text files into tags.
Still, I wonder which program should show a user-defined field (which UPC probably will be) in wav files as support for tags in wav files is more than sketchy.

Good point. I'm testing now with another software
(for both ISRC and UPC codes)

Do you mean that there's no real point in embedding UPCs ? you might be right, and I maybe shouldn't be stubborn about this.

I've tried anyway, and funny thing : I've entered BARCODE in the text file- ag, and for a reason it translated it in French once opened with Picard (Code-barres) and neither of these two software have Code-barres in their tag names... !

I’m not aware of any player that will use this UPC or ISRC info. Wherever you store the info, it won’t be manageable from within a player environment. So if you do want to embed these details, you can freely use any user-defined field you choose. Just understand that there is limited usage for this info outside of mp3tag.

I'm not sure if you're also referring to the ISRC code in your post, but as I'm understanding the topic, it is (at least for ID3v2) tied to the ISRC field which is internally mapped to the ID3v2 TSRC frame.

It has no dedicated use for the end user of the tracks — except from being able to identify a concrete release of a track. However, for artists and labels it makes sense to embed these codes as they might be used in broadcasting environments to automatically handle licensing.