Update of .m3u playlist when file location is changed

Thanks for an excellent piece of software.

My question is, can I use mp3tag to update .m3u files with a file's new location?

I want to put all tracks in folders organised by album name, using the mp3tag tag>filename action:
C:\Folder\Artist-Title.mp3 is renamed to C:\Folder\Artist\Album\Artist-Title.mp3

However this means that all of the .m3us which currently exist will be invalid because the mp3s no longer exist:

I think it should be changed to

Is there a way to go through .m3u files and update them based on the tag contents?

Thank you.
I hope that this has not been raised before, I searched but could not find anything.

One possibility I can currently think of is

  • loading the m3u previous to renaming the files via File > Load Playlist, then
  • rename the files according your preferred criteria and
  • let Mp3tag create a new playlist with the updated filenames.
Kind regards, Florian

Thanks Florian. This solution works. It is a bit labour-intensive but it is much quicker than rebuilding the playlists by hand.
Thanks again for an excellent product and for your speedy response.