Update tag info using freedb

Hello everyone, I was wondering if there's a way update all ID3 tags of my music files automatically using freedb.com database. I was trying to do this and couldn't understand why it doesn't work, couldn't find any help through the help files either.

I know Winamp can do the same with a very accurate results, but it cannot do that on a massive scale.

Thank you.

anyone? please!

what kinds of hints does mp3tag have to find any information in the database?
Have you filled some tags already? Do you still have some CDs? (e.g. CDex relies on freedb). Or do you only have a bouquet of untagged data files that happen to be in the mp3 format?

Well, most of the files have proper file name... Some of them have a proper tag, some with few mistakes, some only need missing info and some are totally untagged..
The CD's aren't available anymore..

I wonder why it should be so complicated, Winamp and Media Player can fill all the info without any information..

You could use the mp3tag function "filename - tag" to use your filenames as source for tag information.

if you have two programs to fill your tags and the result is satisfactory, why do you need a third programm?

Still, I am wondering how any program should guess what track it is looking at if there is no original information in it.

"Filename -> Tag" option is not good enough because I want to get accurate file info from the internet.

I mentioned the problem of Winamp and Media Payer above, indeed, it gets exactly what I want, but the problem is that it's pretty clumsy retrieving info for every file one by one.. I want a tool that can retrieve that info for bunch of files and I'll just fix what needed to be fixed..

All of the programs that look up tag information from the internet work pretty much the same way, they do a query by album.

So the most tracks you can do at one time is the number that's on one album.

Do you know the MusicBrainz Picard tagger?


Nice application, it does pretty good job, but I wonder, why does it get different results than Winamp?
For example, I was searching the song "Blur - The Universal", MusicBrainz tagged the file as part of an album called "Now That's What I Call Music! 33 (disc 1)" (Some sort of compilation CD), while Winamp tagged it as an original file from the artist's album called "Best Of Blur" by "Blur"... Obviously Winamp's result is the one I prefer..

Why can't MP3TAG do the same as both of those applications?

Mp3tag has no Acoustic_fingerprint technology implemented.

And no plugin is possible of doing this?


Even the info from Winamp isn't correct.

Discogs gives it as part of the Album "The Great Escape"

also Wikipedia gives it as a song from "The Great Escape"

If you want to find out the correct Album, Cover Art etc etc, manual Labour is the way to go. However Mp3tag, Winamp and MusicBrainz can point you in the right direction.

Look into how to use Websources with Mp3tag: