Update Tags on Archived Files

Is it possible to update the tags on an archived set of .mp3 files, based on updates made to local .mp3's?

I have an archive disc (external hdd) where I store a backup of all of my .mp3's. I also have a local disc that I store the same .mp3's on for regular use.

Now, if I make updates to the tags on the local disc, the only way to update the tags on the archived set of files is to copy from the local disc, and overwrite the files on the external drive.

It seems like overkill for just updating a few bytes worth of data.

Any ideas on how to copy and paste JUST the updated tags??

Yes: with copy and paste from the Context Menu of the files list .... provided you have the source files and the target files in the same order and the same amount of them.

I would suggest that you use a synchronizing tool like SyncToy from Microsoft - that is for free and reliable. It only copies the modified files.
That is usually quicker than to load the files into MP3tag, select the modified ones, load the archive files, select the old ones and apply the changes again.

I am currently using FreeFileSync to do just that.

I understand your suggestion of using Copy/paste from the context menu - but that seems like it is open to error (user error, that is!) and that seems too dangerous for me! :wink:

I suppose I was hoping there was a way that MP3Tag could read separate directories, and flag up where the changes were and update if required...

No. MP3tag does not compare 2 files. It only knows about the tags of the current file.