Update tags on iTunes ripped MP3 for an audiobook cd to play on Chevy mylink via USB media

New to mp3tag.

My current issue is trying to get audiobooks to play on my 2016 chevy mylink via USB using the native mylink UIs. This should work and I have had some success. Problem is the audio books are not appearing in the menus and a few other issues I will address once I resolve the audio books.

So my audio books are sourced from CDs. All are multidisc and scanned into itunes v12 ripped to MP3s. I set the tags myself in iTunes mostly manually. Across all my audio books if I play from the iBooks app everything plays perfectly and in order. Many of the tracks / chapters default name to the disk number and then a letter such as disk 1 .. 1a 1b 1c etc. then 2a 2b 2 etc .. on the metadata within iTunes each disk is proper labeled disk n / n, media type is set to audiobooks, and genre books and spoken. So each book sometimes results in hundreds of individual MP3 files.
Now comes the transfer to the USB. I just copy as is to USB thumb drive and then take this to the car plug it into the native usb ports. My first attempt virtually none of the media music include would present on the UIs in the various buckets. I could still navigate and play the media via the folder view. This allow a direct view of all contents on the USB drive. Then I reformatted the USB as ntfs which removed various programs and folders that shipped with the disk for sansdisk. I think these extra folders jammed up the indexing that runs from mylink on the USB media. After reformatting I copied the media back onto the usb drive exactly same way as before.

This time the music did a much better job presenting in the mylink UIs. But the audiobook filter still will not show any audiobooks. I can navigate to the audiobooks via the folder view. The media plays but the tracks are not in order. Its like the mylink does not understand the disk n /n. So I think there are 2 issues here. One is the getting the audiobook filter to show the media type. I know this is set correctly for itunes / iBooks but I think the mylink is looking to a different field for organizational purposes. Second is the track sequence. The mylink seems to ignore the disk n o n as a first sort and them sort on the tracks within each disk. iBooks and iTunes handle this perfectly. One solution is to rename all tracks to directly include the disk number infront of the generic track naming. The other approach would combine all these track level MP3 components into one big MP3. I have never done this but I assume this is possible. Not sure if there are downside but at least the playback would not get confused.

Now comes the MP3tag role. Within my install of MP3Tag I can pull up all tracks for an audiobook. Hoping adding additional tags or tag info will get this to present in the UI for audiobooks in the mylink.

Any suggestions will be appreciated


iIs your car player able to handle playlists?
You could create a playlists for the tracks of each audiobook. Mp3Tag can help you to do that.

Another: As you already wrote you could name the track-numbers or/and if the player cares the filenames with the tracks in front including in some way the disks-numbers i.e.

Track 1 of disk 1: 101
Track 2 of disk 1: 102
Track 1 of disk 2: 201

Track 1 of disk 3: 301

Filename: 101 - Jonathan Safran Foer - Everything is Illuminated.mp3

Another: Join the tracks to one file. Maybe create a cue-file of the the tracks before.

I would not use iTunes as tagger as iTunes has a liking of storing changes only in its database instead of the tags.
the indicator of disc n of m discs is probably not sufficient to get a proper sorting. You should also fill the field TRACK. Please note that TRACK is a numeric field and should not contain any letters.
Furthermore, it is a question of trial an error if the car stereo reads the DISCNUMBER field - most players don't.
So, you should get the discnumber somehow into TRACK or use the track numbering wizard to create an ascending sequence of track numbers.

To get the best arrangement, make sure that you have filled the following fields:

Also, you could try ITUNESMEDIATYPE with "Audiobook" as contents.
FInally, you could rename the files so that the file system sorting corresponds to the track order.