Update to v2.87a causes slow tagging

Never had this issue before -- just installed the new update and tagging multiple files at once is a good deal slower than it was. Before it was almost instant, now it takes quite a few seconds.

It is very hard to tell from the distance what may be the cause.
So please tell us more about the files, their size, their location, the type what you try to do.

Can you also check

  • if enabling/disabling the Library at "Options > Library" changes anything in this regard and
  • if the files have very large cover art?

I do have the library on, but it wasn't in the library directory.
No cover art at all.
Normal FLAC files....
I wanna say it seems to have stopped so it might have been computer memory issues. It's just I never remember it happening before and it happened right after the update.

Scratch that, it's still happening. Turning off Library does seem to help....but as I said, it's not anywhere in the library directory.

Using the library feature leads to more read and write actions to manage the data.
It is not important if you have the files in the same directory/folder as the library, it may be a question of whether you have the audio files on the same drive.
So if it happens intermittently i would still watch the local conditions:
what other programs may be interested in the files?
what other processes run at the same time? Such things.

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