Update when EXITING instead of when STARTING

I want to make a small suggestion.

When there is a new version MP3Tag tells me about it when I start the program but... I'm usually trying to do something when I start the program and I don't want to wait for it to update so I say NO. Then I forget and close the program. This may happen several times :wink:

I use another program which provides the option of updating before it starts, OR when it exits. With this program I always choose "When I exit" and so it always has the latest version when I start it up.

I thought this might be a simple thing to add and I imagined that I wasn't the only one who might like the feature.

I find it much more straight forward to start with the latest version esp. if it is one with bug-fixes.
See e.g. the bug between 2.99 and 2.99a when you could not add covers any more - this would be a task that you could not get done with the then running version.
The same applies to updated web sources: usually the previous versions then do not work any more and you cannot get anything done (with the related web source script).

If you do not like to be reminded at startup, then you can set in
that you do not want to be reminded that there is an updated version and you can trigger that check with Help>Check for updates when you are about to close the program.