Updated Software - Still Showing Old Version

I downloaded and ran the 3.17a install, and it completed successfully. When I open MP3Tag, it still shows 3.16 as the version, and tells me there is a new version to download.

I am happy to supply logs or screenshots of whatever is needed.


Where did you install the new version?
How did you install the new version? (Standard? Portable?)
Did you switch from 32 to 64 bit?
Did you follow the preparations laid out here:

Interestingly, I didn't notice that the new version was 64 bit. I did install it, but I was using the old shortcut which was pointing to the x86 old version. I will just manually uninstall that from my system and use the new shortcut.


Interesting. The old version still exists on my hard drive, but it is no longer listed in "add/remove programs."