Updated WebSources Framework Documentation?

I wonder if there's an update, since I found e.g. "findinline 1 1" which isn't covered here ...


there are many undocumented commands. i found some by looking at other people's scripts and looked them up on the forum. if you search there, you will stumble upon some explanations.

we could collect them here and add description, so Florian would only need to copy and paste them into the oficial documentation if we do a good job.

i found expanation for this command here:
moveline to empty line fails

as far as i understand
findinline 1 1
findline 1 1
prevent the script to terminate (producing an "" ouput for into the current tag field and stopping there) when it does not find the string it is looking for. instead the parser goes to the end of the line for <findinline 1 1> and to the end of the site (i think) for <findline 1 1>.
i use the <1 1> almost always with and as it prevents scripts from error stops.

So far I have collected these function calls ...

FindInLine "<!--Themes Listing-->" 1 1
FindLine "<span>AMG Album ID</span>" 1
FindLineNoCase "<span>AMG Album ID</span>" 1
GotoChar 1
GotoLine 1
If "Review"
IfNot "</ul>"
JoinUntil "</TD>"
KillTag "*"
MoveChar -18
MoveChar 9
MoveLine 1
MoveLine 5 1
MoveLine -6
OutputTo "CoverUrl"
RegExpReplace "(?![a-z])/ (?=[A-Z])" "/"
RegExpReplace ",\s\w+$" ""
RegExpReplace "\s,\s{2,}" ", "
RegExpReplace "\s\(\d?\d:\d\d\)" ""
RegExpReplace "\s{2,}" " "
RegExpReplace "\s+" " "
RegExpReplace "\s+$" ""
RegExpReplace "^\s+Label:\s+" ""
RegExpReplace "<Binding>[^<]+</Binding>" ""
Replace "<pre>" ""
Say "  "
SayNChars 4
SayOutput "CurrentUrl"
SayRegExp "(?<=<Author>)[^<]+(?=</Author>)" ", " "</ItemAttributes>"
SayRegExp "(?<=<event date=\")[-0-9]{4,10}(?=\"/>)" ", " "</release>"
SayRegExp "(?<=<Label>)[^<]+(?=</Label>)" ", " "</ItemAttributes>"
SayRegExp "(?<=<release id=\")[-0-9a-y]{34,40}(?=\" )" ", " "</release>"
SayRegExp "(?<=<ReleaseDate>)[-0-9]{4,10}(?=</ReleaseDate>)" ", " "</ItemAttributes>"
SayUntil " - "
While "</a></li><li><a href"


but most of them are documented here:

regular expressions are documented here:

what is undocumented is

the additional 1 in:

  • findline S n 1
  • findinline S n 1
  • moveline N 1

from your list:

  • exit

but I think there are still more commands. i remember looking through dano's scripts and finding some things i didn't know. I will have a look.

another good thing would be further explanations for the already ducumented commands, with some expamples. it took me some time in most cases to understand how they work.
at some, i haven't understood fully yet.

anyone care to explain what 'Exit' does?

I found this in a script.

    if ...
while ...

I think it's to exit of the do ... while process if a certain string is found.
But I don't know exacty.