Updateing Artist Field

Hi All.

I lke to move the THE from the end of artist and have look at exsamples but i can't figure out what i'm doing incorrect. i tried
format value
field Artist
string the %arist%

result i'm getting is the Temptatons the
how can i remove the the from the end please?

You can start with this existing example

You just have to swap it to your needs.

LynicsLover Thank You That did the trick.

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The help others in this community too:
Could you please share your working solution?

Hey Guys i have tried the exsample given in all sorts of way and i can't get it the remove the The from the End to the beginning.

77S The

action replace with regular expression
regular expression $1,The
replace String The (.*)

where am i going wrong Please

note i lost all actions when i did a reinstall of mp3tag

Where is the comma that you use in


here what i've done screenshot

What I try to point out:
If you define a regular expression with a pattern that contains a comma but the data that you treat with it does not have a comma, it will not work.

Also, you have mixed up the regular expression with the Replace string. The field contents in the dialogue should be swapped.

This would work if your current Artist was “77s, The” but it is actually “77s The” without a comma.

so is there a way to do this without a comma and without doing it by hand for thouands of files.

yes. leave out the comma in the search pattern.

Awesome it works and i have copied this action, Thank You