Updates/Edits causes the spinning wheel/app hangs

Lately, I'm experiencing a "spinning" icon with every update that I intend to make. For instance, I set focus on the line/entry. I click on the search Discogs and the spinning wheel appears. I have the force quit the app. This happens on every entry. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your message. Just to understand this correctly:

  1. You're selecting a file.
  2. You click on the Tag Sources → Discogs menu item.
  3. The beachball appears and no Discogs search window is shown.
  4. Then you need to force-quit the app to be able to use it again.

Is this correct?

Click on the Tag Sources -> Discogs Menu item
The search window appears
I select from the Search & click OK
The beachball appears after 30 second (or so)
The "Writing Tag Data" window appears and is unresponsive (Beachball appears about 30 seconds later).
Then I Force-quit the app

Thanks for the reply, this is interesting.

Which macOS version are you using? Can you maybe do a screen recording of the issue using QuickTime Player?

I currently have no idea on why this is happening, so every bit of information helps.

The problem wasn't MP3Tags. I found the problem when I attempted to provide a screen capture (Snagit). The software was outdated (wasn't 64-bit compatible). I install the newest version and everything seems to work.

That's great! Glad it's working now and thanks for letting me know.

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