Updating embedded coverimage files in block

I have recently started to collect larger image files for cover art. Previously I used 200x200 file called folder.jpg, but now also have files in SOME folders called albumartlarge.jpg.

I have an Action that embeds the folder.jpg image file into each mp3. I have created a copy of this and changed folder.jpg to albumartlarge.jpg.

Trouble is not all folders currently have the larger image file, so I need a bit of code that does something like this. I want to make this change in block across all my music files

If it finds albumartlarge.jpg then embed into mp3 (and replace folder.jpg)
If it cant find albumartlarge.jpg do nothing (folder.jpg is already embedded in all my files) without erroring out

How do I do this please

AFAIK: if the named file does not exist then the action does not do anything, so no harm should be done.

But: if you entered *.jpg instead of a fixed filename then the routine will take the first jpg-file it finds in the folder.
And as A (as in "albumartlarge") comes before f (as in "folder") the albumartlarge file should be taken...