Updating one field with contents of another?

I've searched about and it looks like similar things have been done, but I can't quite see if this is possible:

I want to automatically move text from one field to another. So if the track name contains 'Bobby', I want "Bobby' to be attached to AlbumArtist, and removed from the track name.

I see I can attach 'Bobby' with the Format command from the FAQ... but how can I have it come from another field?

Anyone feeling clever?

Dunno about the clever part.
Generally the info from the FAQ /t/967/1 apply.

So e.g. if you have artist and albumartist and want to append albumartist with artist then use an action of the type "Format tag field" for ALBUMARTIST
enter as formatstring:
%albumartist% %artist%

BTW: What is the "track name"? TITLE? Filename? TRACK? COMMENT?

At first, please explain what is the "track name" (file name or title tag-field or ...)?

It can help to reduce the scope of tracks, that means reduce the number of files in the list view.
Apply the Filter [F3] expression:
"%_filename%" HAS "Bobby"
... or ....

Does the file name respectively the title tag-field have a strict structure of delimited sub-areas, which would make it possible to automate the wanted process, regardless of what artist name is given by this file
(e. g. "01 - Bobby - My Hobby Music")?


Thanks for the replies - by track name I meant the title tag but I'd hope for a generic solution. When you say TITLE HAS "Bobby", where would that be specified - as part of a regular expression?

I'll experiment - is there a way to back up the tag info before I start doing things to it? I see I can export it, but didn't see a way to read that back in.

No, that is a filter.
Press F3 to see the input box at the bottom of the window. Enter the filter as DetlevD has written it.
Also, see the online help on filters.