Updating Pone src for Artist & Album

Like everyone, i've been updating the Pone script individually & most of them work with the except:

(Discogs &Pone# Search by (Album)Artist + Albu&m.src

Issue: When using the src above, I get the reply: Sorry, no entries or matching your search criteria.

Notes: I'm using the same src as before the Discogs update. (Verified the https: is added. Verified by leaving

               off https, where i get the 401 error.  and then change back to https:  where it shows the artist name and then 
               give the error message can't find it.)

if i search by: (Album) Artist works fine as a single ssrc

                  Album works fine as a single src
                  Using www.src works fine

So there no question the Albmu atist & album exist but the assocaited (Album)Artist + Albu&m.src doesn't see it.

Is there a section within the Album Artist & Album.src that i should look... maybe there's a modification I need to change but I can't determine where to look.