Updating/Refreshing tags within Apple Music

I absolutely love this app but updating the tags within Music is taking quite a while using a script (see below for the script that I'm using). I resized a TON of cover art (and other fields) and I'm wondering if someone has a trick to speedily update all the new tags within the app?

Thanks a ton!

Script (I use this one because I can see a live update as it runs);

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a faster option. This is literally grabbing every file and checking for tag updates. If you are refreshing an entire library, this could take some time. Same for Windows version of iTunes.

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Thank you. Just checking to see if there was a known quick fix. Over 2TB of files so.... this is gonna take a while. I'll just go genre by genre. Thanks a ton!

I use the same script. I close all applications, browser, etc. Run it over night. If it is MacBook Pro/Air, please it on a flat table, with good ventilation. Keeping temperature low, increases the speed.

Perfect. I do the same running on one of them pretty M1s so it runs pretty cool. Although, after refreshing 5000 or so files at a time, it takes hours when "saving the library" upon quitting Music. Man I hate that thing but 20 years of gathering playlists etc, it's hard to switch. I think Swinsian might be my next move.

Thanks for the reply.

I have 14inch m1 max, 32 core, 64GB. I recently updated 3900 songs in one go, It went like a breeze. Maybe less than 20 mins, closing music app was not a problem either.

Please check if you are running anything in the background, that is hogging ram, and disk read/write.

Also, I keep MBP close the window, to keep it chilled naturally

Thanks again! But yeah... I'm doing a LOT more than 3900. It definitely takes longer because of having it all on an external drive though. WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY TUNES!!???

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That is 100x!
3900 songs too less compared to your db

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