Updating whole library

I have a big library of around 20.000 songs. I'd like to use freedb and/or other tags database to tag all the songs automatically. Does MP3Tag have such a feature?

I already did this with other tool, I think that it was MediaMonkey, but the results were quite inaccurate.

Automatically does not work as this would require that the program knows what other files/tracks belong to e.g. an album.
Mp3tag does not look at any other files for comparison.
Also, I would think that also the results of other programs will not be very accurate as it could be that the grouping of files to albums only can be done sensibly after all other files have been tagged and then the whole process starts all over again.

You have to help a little and group the files together that belong to one album. Then you can tag album by album.

Hi, I forgot about this topic for some time. What you say seems to make sense, but then again, there are programs out there that recognize songs automatically. I'm quite amazed at these mobile phones that tell you what song is currently playing in the pub just by "listening" to it for a few seconds. So I would say that a program can do that just with the music files. It would be more a question of whether there is a program that actually does it in a proper and more or less accurate way. If there isn't I would write it myself! :smiley:

Yes. Then you know the individual song. But do you know everything else, esp. the album? Or whether it is the extended super-duper version?
There are programs around like Musicbrainz - but the results are often really strange.
So I stay with my initial statement that unless you have the original source, there is no easy way to get the correct tags.

You can use a technology like Acoustid. Their "fingerprinter" analyze the audio part of a track and then make a lookup in the database if an identical fingerprint can be found. If yes, you can get additional informations for this track from associated projects like MusicBrainz.

But again - ohrenkino already told you - this will never give you the 100% matching tracks automatically. No known system can actually detect if a song was originally recorded on a Single, an Album, a "Best of", a "Super-Duper-80'-Collection' or even a 'Bootleg'. If you want to have accurate tags, you must have the source to be sure which year, which label, which producer, which cover and even which syntax the track title has.

I get what you say, guys, but I only see it as a minor inconvenience. For me the most important thing is to know what song is there, rather than having an "Unknown artist/Unknown album/Unknown track" tag. Moving from that to "[Almost certain artist]/[Quite certain album]/[Totally certain track]" is a huge progress.

Taking this into account, my question would be: Is there any program that can do something like this with a reasonable degree of reliability (i. e., a small proportion of wrong identifications)?