Upgraded to 3.17 from 3.07 in Linux. Tag sources stopped working

MP3tag has always worked well for me on Linux, but not this time. Everything looks good except I can no longer use tag sources. I get this:

Error connecting to server musicbrainz.org
12009 Setting Max automatic redirects. Unable to get an error message for error code 12009

For Discogs I get:

Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)
and then the same message as with MusicBrainz

for FreeDB:
Error connecting to server https://gnudb.org

When I ask to check for new version nothing happens
When I enter a URL to a cover in the Add Cover dialog nothing happens
No error, no cover, nothing. It's like I have no internet connection but I would think the failure to authenticate to Discogs would mean that I do.

Help! I'm out of ideas.

It really looks like Mp3tag has no internet access through Wine. The basic test for that is checking for updates.

Can you run the whole thing from the Terminal and see if there is any helpful output from Wine?

I fixed it by updating the WINE prefix to version 3.02, which was never necessary in the past. It's been working fine for the last six years or so. I'm not even sure what version I was using previously but it must be ancient. I've had problems with WINE upgrades breaking applications before so I'm leery about staying current. If a program works well with a lower version I leave it alone. I've found WINE to be difficult to work with but MP3tag has always worked well with it in the past. I'm curious what changed that made it stop working, but I'll leave well enough alone until the next time. MP3tag is essential for me. I use it more than most any other program. Thanks for the great work.