Upper Level stucture?

Hi folks wonder if you can help. I use Zenpoint Jukebox and the company always advise to use MP3Tag for doing your tags. What i am after is a way to create a Upper level Album ie i have been collecting the Now Thats what i call Music Cd's but as you know theres like 106 numbered disks I dont want to display 106 albums on the main screen. Now apparently you can do this with tags but i dont know how to do it ie

Have a top Level ie Now Collection then under that i can have albums 1 to 106 albums

Now Collection
Album 1 - Album 2 - Album -3 Etc. -------------------------------------------------- Album 106

Hope you can help advise me on how to do this ?


I am not at ll sure where you want to see the

Is this something that the player shows?
Or do you want to hide the volume number in the field DISCNUMBER?
Does your player use that field?
Or do you want to name all files in the field ALBUM "Now That's what I call Music" and see the boundaries between the individual albums in the track number which may be a combination of DISCNUMBER and TRACK?

Hello Paul,

Do you mean something like Mood, Style can be considered by some as a sub category to Genre. Whereas Genre would be the top level and Style, Mood, Etc., would be lower Genre?

If I've got you right, then I can't see why not. I you can create your own tag fields too and call it what you like.

I've come across "Discnumber" and "Compilation", but I've only seen them as numbers, then there is "Albumsort". Where you could use the album as "Now That's....", and albumsort the actual disc title "Now 199" or what ever you wanna use.

Hopefully you can see my jukebox screen, as you can see the screen is filled with Now what i call Music albums , what im trying to achieve is just have one that says Now |What i call music then when you click into that it displays all the albums ? Does that make sence ? Kind regard paul.

Makes sense - the question is: has your jukebox such a function? That it groups albums in several layers?
If that is not the case then I do not think that you can add functions to your player by modifying the tags.