urgent:how to batch copy the names of files into the title ?

I have hundreds of files that has a file name but has no title names
I want to copy each file name into its title name
how can I do that without doing one by one
I really need this problem solved as fast as possible
thanks in advance

Mask: %title%

(Couldn't write it any faster ;-))

thanks for ur prompt response I am still on the unpaid version ...is that's why I cant find the option of convert??

No, there is no differnece.
It's a menu. So, after you have ruled out FIle, Edit, View, Actions, Web Sources and Tools ... it's the only one left.

that's weird
I can only see file, tags, view, help, purchase!!

As there is no menu tags I think you have got a different program from MP3tag.
If you want to get help for MP3tag, you should visit the download page for this program (http://www.mp3tag.de/en/download.html), install it and then come back.

I am confused and I am sorry ...but I send u a screen shot

The screenshot does not show MP3tag.
See http://www.mp3tag.de/en/index.html what MP3tag looks like.

u r awesome......hallelulia
now how can I update all files to same album or same artist ?
...last question sorry

Select all the files that should get the same treatment.
To enter one artist or one album name for a bunch of files ...

  • select the files in the files list
  • enter the artist name and the album name in the corresponding fields in the Tag Panel (on the left)
  • press Ctrl-S or the disk symbol in the toolbar to save the modification.

I doubt that about the last question :wink:

u r so helpful
thank u so much
have a great da

Maybe you have a different software product, ...
because here is the forum for the application ...
"Mp3tag" made by Florian Heidenreich, ...
it is not possible to purchase a copy of this application, ...
but you are allowed to donate.